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Classic Sport HP 20w50 - 5Litros y 1 Litro

Aceite línea motorsport para vehículos clásicos de alta performance full sintético. Nanodrive ester. Incluye ZDDP, un aceite moderno con los requerimientos del pasado. Disponible en formato 1L y 5L.
Classic Sport High Performance is the world’s finest SAE 20w50 fully synthetic multigrade engine oil. It has been uniquely engineered for classic performance racing, with shear stable viscosity index improvers. This product incorporates NANODRIVE low friction technology. It is formulated with full ZDDP (zinc phosphorus) for ultimate protection. Exceptional protection for vehicles requiring a 20w50 viscosity engine oil. Incorporating high quality fully synthetic base oils and modern innovative additive technology, combined with period viscometrics to provide optimum lubrication characteristics for engines manufactured in the immediate post-war period through to the early 1980s. Intended for use in arduous applications such as sustained fast road use, track and motorsport. Suitable for operating at 125°C with peak temperatures up to 150°C.

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